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2000 Bombardier Learjet 45

2000 Bombardier Learjet 45

Serial Number 106 - Registration N145XL

  • Specifications


    8697.2 TTAF 

    5,699 Landings 



    Engines (On MSP Gold)

    Left - Total Time: 8,544.2 Hours 

    5,590 Cycles Since New 

    4,534.1 Hrs Since Core Zone Inspection 

    1,567.1 Hrs Since Major Periodic Inspection 


    Right - Total Time: 8,533.3 Hours 

    5,585 Cycles Since New 

    3,014.3 Hrs Since Core Zone Inspection 

    1,089.5 Hrs Since Major Periodic Inspection 



    APU (On MSP Gold)

    Honeywell RE100 

    Serial Number P-208 

    2,113.7 Hours Since New 

    5,135 Cycles Since New 




    Honeywell Primus 1000 w/Primus II Radio Package 

    Navigation: Dual Honeywell RNZ-851 

    Automatic Direction Finder: Honeywell DF-850 

    Electronic Flight Instrument System: Dual Honeywell CD-550 4-Tube 

    Flight Management System: Dual Universal UNS-1EW w/WAAS/LPV 

    Altimeter: Honeywell RT-300 

    Distance Measuring Equipment: Dual 

    Cockpit Voice Recorder: Honeywell CVR 

    Air Data Computer: Honeywell AZ-850 

    Communication: Dual Honeywell RCZ-833 

    Traffic Collision Avoidance System: Honeywell TCASII (TCAS2000) 

    Transponder: Dual Honeywell RCZ-851 Mode S 

    Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System: Honeywell Mark V w/Windshear 

    airborne Phone: Aircell ATG-5000 Broadband Wi-Fi w/Text and Talk 

    Emergency Locator Transmitter: Artex C406-2 

    Attitude and Heading Reference System: Dual LCR-100 

  • Notes

    Special Features

    Gross Weight Increase 

    Dual Angle of Attack Upgrade 

    Pulsating Recognition Lights 

    4.5" Cockpit Pedestal Extension 

    Concorde Lead Acid Battery Upgrade 

    Advanced Performance Database 

    8.33 KHz Spacing 

    ECS Noise Reduction System 

    Exterior Lighting Package including Baggage, 

    Pylon and Single Point Refueling Lighting. 




    Double club configuration with aft belted lav. 

    Complete soft goods refurbishment with partial 

    re-veener of forward cabines. 

    Complete re-plating of all interior hardware 

    in Brushed Nickel finish. 

    New inner windows. 

    Seats redone in Lear 45XR style in 

    Tan and Brown leather. 

    Cockpit seats completed in Aristo Gray Sheepskin. 

    Interior fireblocked per FAR Part 25 requirements. 

    10.4" Airshow 410 screen and system 

    4 110V AC outleds 

    Lighted vanity mirror, sink, belted toilet, jump seat, 

    flip down baggage shelf, pyramid cabinet. 

    Refurbished August 2012 by Bombardier Tucson 




    Matterhorn White with Imperial Red and Gamma Gray trim 

    August 2012 by Bombardier Tucson 



    Maintenance Status

    Empty Weight: 13,641.6 Lbs 

    Phase A Inspection due May 14, 2016 

    Phase B Inspection due October 15, 2016 

    Phase C Inspection due October 15, 2018 

    Phase D Inspection due August 17, 2020 

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