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Local Presence | Global Focus 

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About Us

Local Presence | Global Focus

Wesellyourjet is an emerging leader in business aircraft sales worldwide, providing knowledgeable aircraft recommendations and unparalleled brokerage services. With over $200 million in closed aviation transactions, we take pride in creating an incredibly easy buying and selling experience.

Knowledge | Qualified International Buyers | Unparalleled Customer Experience

Our expertise with business and corporate aircraft sales has resulted in representing numerous companies in the US and Latin America, providing us a reputation as an effective, boutique brokerage that continually delivers value to its clientele.


Core Focus: 

Connecting Excellent Pedigree Aircraft to Qualified International Clientele.


About Us

What We Do

Aircraft Sales

We understand current global market trends, and we give you the most up-to-date information about what to expect.

We market your aircraft throughout the world, specially in those areas where recent our research points to.

Aircraft Acquisitions

We believe in researching the entire international market, and we will locate the aircraft that is best for you to purchase, not what is best for us to sell.

Evaluation & Market Analysis

Our experts provide accurate aircraft evaluations that inform you of the current market price of your aircraft.

Our team is always on top of current market trends, meaning that you will have the most up-to-date information on all business aircraft.

Aircraft Comparison

Many aircraft operators purchase the wrong aircraft because they lack proper information about performance and characteristics of different models.

Our industry-proven reporting compares multiple aircraft models to assist you in deciding which model best suits your needs.


Meet The Team

Roman Ruiz

With over 20 years of experience in aviation and aircraft brokerage, Roman is our worldwide sales and acquisitions expert.

Gustavo G. Kuri

With a background in financial and economic analysis, Gustavo performs constant market research and creates valuation models to maximize the clients' transaction value.


Samuel de la Cuesta

Samuel is a successful entrepreneur that has an extensive high profile network in Central and South America.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

477 Sandau Rd, Hangar G, San Antonio, Texas, 78216 |Tel: (210) 867-9898

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